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AT News and Updates

eRecycling Program Receives Grant Funding

The eRecycling program received $45,000 in funding from the Student Sustainability Committee to purchase a disk crusher and disk shredder.  The disk crusher will be used for small devices such as phones, tablets and PDAs (personal digital assistant,) and the shredder will be used for things that need to be completely and securely destroyed such as large drives, tapes and cannibalized equipment that we continue to receive in pieces. The funding amount covers both the crusher and shredder, and a 10% contingency. Some of that contingency will be required to add additional electric circuits in the eRecyling area.

Request a New or Make Changes to an Existing Technology

Administrative Technologies can assist our business partners with a request for a new technology solution, or to make changes to an existing technology. Please do this prior to purchasing a product on your own, or issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP). Your Business Analyst can assist with the following:

  • Answer your questions
  • Discuss your business needs
  • Help identify solutions that meet those needs
  • Document your business requirements
  • Perform any necessary process mapping
  • Assist you with developing a business case (if necessary), and getting it on the Data Stewardship Council’s agenda

Cellular Reports Available Online

TeleManagement detailed billing reports for mobile communications are now available through the MyIllinoisState website. These reports can be accessed by fiscal agents and designees under the Employee tab, in the Managerial Resources section, through the Telecom Reports link. Information is based upon the current provider contracted with the State of Illinois.


  • Mobile Communications Services Summary Charges -This report is available under the appropriate monthly tab and lists the total charges for a mobile number by account number.
  • Mobile Communications Services Detail (Voice Only) -This report is available under the appropriate monthly tab and lists individual call information by a mobile number. Data usage is not included in this report.
  • Current List of Mobile Communications Services -This report is available under the General tab and contains a list of all the services associated with the fiscal agent by account number.


  • For billing questions, please email or call 438-3611.
  • To change the account number tied to a mobile service, please fill out the Cellular Telephone Service OPTION 3 Request - University-Purchased Cellular Service form and complete the “Change of Business-Only Cellular Service Request” section detailing the account change.
  • To make modifications to the current designee list, please submit the Reports Designee Request Form.
  • To change the fiscal agent on an account, please contact the Budget Office directly at their main number, 438-2143.
  • To get help with the Telemanagement website, please contact the Technology Support Center at 309-438-4357 or
  • To schedule one-on-one or group training for using the TeleManagement System, please send a request through email to and include at least three possible one-hour time slots in a work week that may work for you/your group.