Information Security Office (ISO)

Mission Statement

The mission of the Information Security Office (ISO), is to assure the security of the University's Information Technology (IT) resources including building a cyber-threat resilient University culture and promoting the existence of a safe computing environment in which the University community can teach and learn.

To support this mission, the Information Security Office will:

  • Develop processes, procedures, and policies for the protection of confidential information, an individual's privacy, and the University's information assets.
  • Assess, identify, and direct the mitigation of information security risks.
  • Evaluate security requirements and establish appropriate controls.
  • Ensure University units meet information security compliance requirements based on applicable laws, regulations, and best practices.
  • Direct University IT security response and coordinate University cyber event response team.
  • Manage IT risks related to disaster recovery, physical security, and business continuity.
  • Improve campus awareness of information security through communication, open dialogue, and training activities.
  • Coordinate IT audits.
  • Direct the University's identity and access management program.
  • Coordinate Enterprise Security Architecture Domain Team (ESADT).