Service Catalog A-Z

Backup and Recovery

Administrative Technologies provides the copying and archiving of data so that it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event. This service ensures that customer databases are protected and monitored by establishing backup and recovery procedures, providing a secure database environment, and monitoring database performance.

Business Applications Analysis

Administrative Technologies provides analysis of existing business applications for improvement opportunities and also prior to development of new applications. This service includes identifying requirements and functional specifications, creating templates and user interface designs, creating reference documents and manuals, and coordinating and facilitating user acceptance testing (UAT).

Business Intelligence

Utilizing a performance management program, Administrative Technologies provides the campus community with information and knowledge that allows for data-driven decision making.

Business Process Services

Administrative Technologies provides business process analysis in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of academic and administrative processes on campus. This service includes analyzing and documenting existing processes, identifying opportunities for improvement, and designing and documenting the desired future process. Business Process Analysis is also performed prior to the implementation of a technology solution.