Request for Technology

Have a technology that you would like to bring to Illinois State University?

To request a new technology solution, make changes to an existing technology, or remove an existing technology, please email Please do this prior to purchasing a product on your own, or issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP). Your Business Analyst can assist with the following:

  • Answer your questions
  • Discuss your business needs
  • Help identify solutions that meet those needs
  • Document your business requirements
  • Perform any necessary process mapping
  • Assist you in getting your request before the Data Stewardship Council for their review and prioritization.

The Data Stewardship Council has been charged with providing oversight for Information Technology (IT) activities for the entire campus to ensure they are aligned with the objectives stated in Educating Illinois. The Council’s mission is to review, evaluate and prioritize technology projects in order to support ISU’s business and academic processes in a cost effective manner. As such, the Data Stewardship Council’s decisions are based on the needs of the institution.

Data Stewardship Council Business Case Criteria for Illinois State University

NOTE: Currently all change requests, regardless if they do not meet the criteria below, are being reviewed and prioritized by the Data Stewardship Council.

If the proposed solution meets one of the following criteria, a business case will need to be presented to the Data Stewardship Council:

  • Greater than 100 hours of effort
  • Impact to two or more divisions
  • New enterprise-wide application
  • If College or Unit is requesting Provost Enhancement Dollars

If the business case is approved, it will be prioritized against all other technologies and projects within the IT portfolio. Please keep in mind, Data Stewardship Council approval does not mean a project will begin immediately. When the Data Stewardship Council has prioritized this work request, it will then be given a sequence number. You are welcome to view the status on the PMO SharePoint site. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your representative to the Data Stewardship Council.